1 may. 2011


As it couldn´t be in any other way, the first high fashion designer we will present will be CARLOS SILVEIRA, the featured designer in Ladies and the City launching event in Qatar !. Carlos is a very talented high fashion designer who´s been in the industry for many years and participated in many fashion weeks in Spain and abroad. Based in Bilbao, Spain, he was awarded  best designer in Uruguay and had the honor to  close Sâo Paulo fashion week and Cibeles Fashion Week in Madrid. He´s a very well known designer in Spain but he doesn´t have the "divo" vibe ... that´s why we personally like him so much.

He´s specially passionate about personalized haute couture as he believes that every woman is unique and he wants to make them feel special with a personalized unique dress which will reflect her personality and style . You can be sure that with Carlos Silveira you won´t meet anyone in the same room wearing the same dress!.

I will reveal a "secret": We´ll have the honor to see LIVE in the W Hotel  an extraordinary collection of prèt a porter and haute couture inspired in qatari ladies in première with Ladies and the City in Doha. Some of his models are even inspired in HH Sheikha Moza.  

The pictures we´re posting are from previous collections as the collections he is bringing to Qatar are a well kept secret which he will unveil on the launching event with us!. We can´t wait to see it and have this wonderful fashion experience!!! =)

This  incredible exclusive unique dress is a Mandragora collection  flamenco inspired dress!.

Mandragora collection Haute Couture in apple green, absolutely stunning.

Mandragora collection by Carlos Silveira; detailed, original and elegant.

Photographs owned by Carlos Silveira

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  1. La verdad es que las creaciones de Carlos son maravillosas,parecen que sus manos son magicas y estoy segura que las señoras que lleven o luzcan sus modelos se pueden sentir igual que Cenicienta en su propio cuento de hadas
    espero poder seguir disfrutando mucho viendo y admirando estas deliciosas creaciones!

    The truth is that Carlos are wonderful creations seem that their hands are magical and I'm sure the ladies who carry or wear their models can feel like Cinderella in her own fairy tale
    I look forward to enjoying myself watching and admiring these delicious creations!

  2. La magia de carlos al diseñar es indiscutible. Para cualquier momento, para cualquier ocasión, entrar en su mundo magico de diseños es una experiencia unica. Me muero por ver la colección de Qatar !!

    The magic of carlos designs is undeniable. For any time, for any occasion, to enter in their magical world of designs is a unique experience. I'm dying to see the collection of Qatar!

  3. Glam Your Image is such a big fan! What an amazing designer absolutely in love with is work! Cant wait to see more!

  4. Thank you for your contributions ladies. =)

    We´re so so curious about his new creations for Qatar!!!. I just know it will be quite original and innovative ! =)

  5. Wellcome our 3 new followers ; Stefani, Rosa Mª and Maria!

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  7. Carlos es un diseñador excepcional y con mucho talento. Le deseo toda la suerte del mundo, pues se lo merece. Besos

    Carlos is an outstanding designer and talented. I wish him all the luck in the world, he deserves it. kisses