14 oct. 2011


When I met Montse Liarte in her atelier I was impressed by her view of the "classic - contemporary" style but touched when I discovered the amazing woman behind the designer´s face and her partner in life and war, Agus!. No wonder, Montse worked as a PA for the notorious Lutz Paris and  Elisa Amann, she was part of “Bressol Project”- an initiative of the Dinamization Plan of the Catalan government- and awarded with the  Gilles-Rosier Paris award for best collection in 2007. She´s quite a talented lady who knows how to innovate but keeping her feet on the ground and always baring in mind us that her creations have to be wearable for "real life women"!.

r concept : " a cat and a bird inside the same cage " is for a woman who is  neither masculine nor feminine; uses garments of the masculine closet, and still can be the most feminine woman in the world !. 

Have you heard of her ? Have you seen her in 080 Barcelona Fashion Week? How do you like her?

This is her latest video in 080 Barcelona Fashion Week this summer filmed in the the gorgeous University of Barcelona!. 


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  1. lovely blog!!
    follow each other?


  2. I didn't know her but I think she's definetely got an eye for fashion!!

  3. BTW I'm wearing a skirt and a blouse in my last post!! ;-)